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Samsung Display seeks to ban all aftermarket AMOLED screen imports to the United States

Samsung Display has appealed to the United States FTC to enforce a sweeping ban for all aftermarket/refurbished AMOLED screens in the country. If enforced, such a law runs the risk of gutting the entire independent repair industry, denying consumers the choice for cheaper parts.

Right-to-repair advocate Louis Rossmann has unearthed a particularly unsettling lawsuit from Samsung Display that aims to ban imports of all aftermarket displays from the US market. It asks the United States Federal Trade Commission issue a cease and desist order to multiple firms that deal with aftermarket/refurbished screens. Those familiar with legalese can read the entire suit here.

This will force users to go to the OEM for replacement parts, which in the case of Samsung AMOLED screens can be prohibitively expensive for many. It will also spell doom for the independent repair ecosystem that relied on said parts. If Samsung wins, the repercussions will be felt across the industry, as the company’s AMOLED screens are used across a wide range of products, such as high-end smartphones, laptops and tablets.

It also goes against the general industry trend of making devices more repairable. Devices such as Dell’s Concept Luna, Framework Laptop and PrimeBook Circular are gaining traction. Even the famously anti-right-to-repair Apple now lets users repair their own devices, although Louis thinks it is hogwash, as it doesn’t allow for board-level repair. Do check out Louis’ excellent coverage on the topic for more information

Source : Notebook Check

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